Meet the team 2016

With the addition of 2 more chalets in Bansko for this winter, our Total Chalets team is also growing so that we can continue to provide outstanding service and go the extra mile for our guests.

Andy will be on hand across the chalets to help take care of your needs, here’s a note from him (Snowboarder lingo alert!):

“Determined to learn Bulgarian and up my consistency stomping Cab 5’s, I’m leaving sunny Rotherham and setting up shop in the Bulgarian mountains. When I’m not snowboarding, you’ll probably find me tooling around on a guitar, going on mini adventures, or just thinking about boarding in general (snow, surf, and skate). I’m stoked to be heading out to the Pirin mountains, and I’ll be doing all I can to pass on that feeling.

До скоро!
(See you soon!)”

Cab 5’s = This means you’re spinning front-side, but while riding with your back foot leading (switch). Switch Front-side spins are often called by the shorter name ‘Cab’. It’s common for riders spinning off jumps and features to call their trick rotation by the first number. For example: A 360 becomes a 3 and a 540 is called a 5.

Ski chalets in Bansko